scaleimage is a command line tool to scale down image with an integer factor (2 to 10). It uses a mean value algorithm.


scaleimage infile outfile factor

infile is a path to the image you want to scale down. Most image formats work.
outfile is the file name of the new image. It will be in tiff format so use .tiff or .tif as suffix to make other applications recognize the format.
factor is an integer (2 to 10) specifying reducement (1/2 to 1/10).

Here's an example of using it:
Download scaleimage.gz (below), uncompress it (your browser will probly do this for you) and copy scaleimage it to your home directory.
Copy an image file MyHugeImage.jpg to your home directory.
Launch Terminal in the Utilities folder of the Applications folder on your system disk.
type "chmod a+x scaleimage" to make scaleimage executable.
type "./scaleimage MyHugeImage.jpg newimage.tiff 5"

System requirements

scaleimage runs on Mac OS X version 10.0 and later.

It's free

Download scaleimage command line tool (6k)
Download scaleimage sources (4k)

Contact information

Martin Wennerberg

Last updated Sept 16 2003